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VMware Workstation 9.0.1 released – claims support for ubuntu 12.10

Loaded up VMware Workstation this morning and was notified of 9.0.1 being available.  The release notes claim support for Ubuntu 12.10 host and guest. Downloading at moment to see if the hack I mentioned in a previous post is no … Continue reading

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Eclipse Indigo on Ubuntu 12.04

I occasionally load up code into Eclipse to better understand the inner workings of Novell Service Desk.   After moving to Ubuntu 12.04 and Eclipse Indigio, I now had a crash when attempting to load Eclipse. An error has occurred. See … Continue reading

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Add latest stable version of firefox to Ubuntu 10

My home computers are a varied lot and are used by different members of the household.  For work, I use a variety of Linux distributions and Windows flavours depending on the role which they play.  One of the Linux distributions … Continue reading

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Capturing with tcpdump for viewing with Wireshark

There are occasions when you want to capture packets using tcpdump rather than wireshark, especially when you want to do a remote capture and do not want the network load associated with running Wireshark remotely (not to mention all the … Continue reading

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SLES 11 Tomcat 6 and APR

Ever seen this in Tomcats catalina.out file? INFO: The APR based Apache Tomcat Native library which allows optimal performance in production environments was not found on the java.library.path APR significantly improves Tomcat performance even when Tomcat is being fronted by … Continue reading

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How to reset root password on linux and why protecting vmdk is sooo important

Over the years I have built or collected a vast arrange of virtual machines. Most of these use a standard set of passwords for root but there is always one which doesn’t and you can never recall what it is. … Continue reading

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Another way of bulk file copying with Linux

My main file server has been creaking under the shear quantity of files stored on it.  I’ve treated it to another two drives which are now part of the RAID 5 array.  At this point I could have just rebuilt … Continue reading

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