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Husband, father, motorcyclist , amateur runner ( on hold due to knee injury ) - now trying not to drown whilst swimming. Product Manager at Webroot Not available for yodelling. Please do not ask.

Cattle vs Pets

Cattle and Pets are ways to classify how you think about a compute unit that is involved in providing a service. ¬†Typically the unit would be a server ( metal or virtual ) but can also be a container ( … Continue reading

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Symbol not found: __PyCodeInfo_GetIncrementalDecoder

After upgrading the version of Python on my Mac, I immediately got the above error when attempting to run a Python script. You can quickly test by typing python import io and you’ll get the error Quick digging around on … Continue reading

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El Capitan download & Squid proxy

Last night I left my Mac downloading the update to El Capitan overnight so it would be ready for me to install following the morning. I was greeted by a rather generic message saying that the download had failed. A … Continue reading

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Zero stop day is fast approaching

Busy day today securely wiping and then installing operating systems onto 1 x MacBook Air, 2 x Dell Workstations and a Lenovo W500. All going back to Novell / MicroFocus tomorrow.

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Time for a change

After almost 8 years, I am moving on from Novell. I handed in my resignation last Friday 24th April and will be leaving towards the end of May. Whilst at Novell I have met and worked with great people on … Continue reading

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Thou shalt not install infidel software on the holy domain controller

Unless you really really have to. In my case I needed to install VMware vsphere 5.5 client onto my lab domain controller. VMware had other ideas and clearly had decided that they needed to save my soul and prevented me … Continue reading

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Rename Active Domain Controller

Permissions You must be a member of the Domain Admins group. WARNING Reboot will be required Process To rename a DC with the name from MY-SERVER in the PMLAB.LOCAL domain to DC-SERVER follow the next steps: 1. Open Command Prompt … Continue reading

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