Cattle vs Pets

Cattle and Pets are ways to classify how you think about a compute unit that is involved in providing a service.  Typically the unit would be a server ( metal or virtual ) but can also be a container ( e.g Docker ) that is running on a server.  The compute units classification will determine how you treat it.


Can be destroyed and replaced at any time without the service failing.  It’s Cattle


Indispensable; destroying and replacing will cause the overall service to fail. It’s a Pet.



EXCHANGE01 is ACME Corporations single server providing email to the entire company. If it goes down, email service is lost.   EXCHANGE01 is a Pet

The cluster compromising virtual servers WWW001 through to  WWW100 , provides ACME Corporation website to the world.  Any server in that cluster can be destroyed and replaced without ACME Corporations website failing.  Therefore these servers are Cattle





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Husband, father, motorcyclist , amateur runner ( on hold due to knee injury ) - now trying not to drown whilst swimming. Product Manager at Webroot Not available for yodelling. Please do not ask.
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