El Capitan download & Squid proxy

Last night I left my Mac downloading the update to El Capitan overnight so it would be ready for me to install following the morning.

I was greeted by a rather generic message saying that the download had failed. A bit of digging showed 2.15Gb had been downloaded before the failure. Maybe it was network disruption; I live in the countryside and it’s not unknown for the VDSL to drop out. Nothing to worry about, downloads resume from where they left off , so I tried again.

It failed again.

And again.

Activated debug mode for AppStore , cleared cookies, reset application and set the Debug level to 2.


And it failed again at the same point.

Browse of the App Store log file showed NSURLErrorDomain – 1005

Which was helpful in the same way that bricks are to aerodynamics.

Between the internet and my home network is a Squid proxy. I decided to eliminate that as a possible cause.

Several mouse clicks later and El Capitan is downloading without any errors.

Right now I don’t have time to investigate why Squid caused a failure ( max size of cache objects? ) but if others are in a similar situation , switch off the web proxy on your Mac.


About Jon Giffard

Husband, father, motorcyclist , amateur runner ( on hold due to knee injury ) - now trying not to drown whilst swimming. Product Manager at Webroot Not available for yodelling. Please do not ask.
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