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Editing OVF file — watch out for SHA1 in the MF

If , like me, you like to tweak the OVF file of your susestudio created appliance then you need to recalculate the OVF files SHA1 checksum post editing and put that value into the associated MF file.  If you do … Continue reading

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Novell Service Desk 6.5 — what’s new

What’s new Version 6.5 includes refinement and expansion of existing application functionality, while also incorporating numerous new features and Customer requests.  The following is a summary of the updated and new functionality:   Request functionality across all Processes When working … Continue reading

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Back in the day NDS vs Window NT battleships

Found this desktop wallpaper showing two galleons slugging it out with cannon fire.  The two galloens are NDS and Windows NT.  Give you three guesses who is winning 😉   Brought back many memories.  Thought I’d share with you all. … Continue reading

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Dell T3500 and VMware ESx4i — installation problems

I’ve got a newish Dell Workstation T3500 for work purposes that I’ve installed ESXi4.1 onto so that I can run Virtual Machines as part of my test lab. Installing ESXi4.1 is something that I’ve performed dozens of times before onto … Continue reading

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