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Another way of bulk file copying with Linux

My main file server has been creaking under the shear quantity of files stored on it.  I’ve treated it to another two drives which are now part of the RAID 5 array.  At this point I could have just rebuilt … Continue reading

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Static network card ( MAC ) address with vmware

It can  be useful to have fixed network card addresses when using VMware machines.  To do this Power off & remove the server from the VMware inventory. Edit the .vmx file and locate the following generated MAC address: Ethernet0.addressType = … Continue reading

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Ethernet over power — is slower than you expected?

After my recent building work I now have my servers in their own dedicated area in my garage.  Which is air gapped from my home office. To solve this, I’ve been experimenting with ethernet over power as fibre seemed somewhat … Continue reading

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