Windows 7 explorer hangs — possible fix

I switch my operating system on a fairly regular basis in order to keep up to date with whats new.  My last move was from SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop to Windows 7 purely because I wanted to see if Windows 7 was any better than Vista.

And so far it has been.

But Windows Explorer has been hanging on a very regular basis.  I’ve removed possible causes, made sure that I’m running the latest stable releases of the graphic card drivers and considered the purchase of a goat, chalk and a sharp knife.

Then I remembered that I’d made use of Windows 7 feature, namely an option to make it easier to read what’s on the display by increasing the size of the fonts.

Moving back to 100% has resulted in no more Explorer hangs.

So far

About Jon Giffard

Husband, father, motorcyclist , amateur runner ( on hold due to knee injury ) - now trying not to drown whilst swimming. Product Manager at Webroot Not available for yodelling. Please do not ask.
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